Just a Glimpse

Dear Readers,

I love music. I love how a song can say so much and mean different things to different people depending on how they choose to interpret it.

I listen to LOTS of songs every day, while I do pretty much everything. In fact, I’m listening to music as I write this. It is such a beautiful gift, it inspires me in a way that nothing else can.

That being said, I was listening to Rend Collective’s album “As Family We Go” the other day, when I got to the song “Just a Glimpse.”

Sometimes you need the melodies, sometimes you need the lyrics.

I needed the lyrics that day:

Light of God, will You shine through me in my brokenness?
Raise a torch, burn a path for me through the wilderness
Voice of God, will you call me and send Your radiance
We are sinners, but surely You’re the saving grace
You’re my saving grace

Just a glimpse of You
Sets my soul on fire forever
Just a taste of You
And my world’s alive with wonder
Just one touch from You
Fills my heart beyond all measure
Open my eyes, invade my life
My Lord

I can’t do this without You
You’re my fire, You’re my fire
I can’t do this without You, Lord
I am reaching out for You
My desire, my desire
I am reaching out for You Lord

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This song may mean something completely different to someone else, but that’s the beautiful thing about music, it’s all in how we interpret it. A lot of times God uses songs to speak to me.

This is what it means to me:

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I go through phases of feeling “spiritually dry” if that makes any sense at all. I’m not currently attending church, because my family is going through a transition as we prepare to move again, and for other reasons, but I won’t go into that.

One thing I loved about going to church was getting to worship. It meant so much to me, just to go and sing a few songs, and dance, and feel the presence of Yahweh.

I haven’t had the opportunity to do that in a long time, so sometimes I feel a little empty for the lack of it.

But, what I’m learning is that worship should not be something we do once a week at church. Worship is a lifestyle. Some of my most profound worship experiences have not been in a church, but rather, in living everyday life.

How can we do that?

Well, for me, I find Yahweh in the little things. Like this song, I get a little glimpse of Him as I go about my day, and that’s all I need to keep going.

Psalm 71:8 says “My mouth is filled with Your praise, declaring Your splendor all day long.”

So, whether you’re doing the dishes, driving to work, or whatever it is you do on an average day, find a way to make worship a part of your lifestyle. He is worthy of our praise every day, not just the days we go to church.

Be blessed! I love you all and I hope this encouraged you!

Sincerely, Bri


4 thoughts on “Just a Glimpse

  1. Isaiah Christian Smith

    Without music life would be dull and void of emotion, at least for me. Really like this post, music is important and has helped me get through a lot of hard times. And the best part about music is that you can literally listen anytime, anywhere! Keep up the good work on your blog.


  2. Lissa {Classic Girl}

    Love this! Music is amazing, and so is Rend Collective… and so is Yahweh!! I adore this post, girlie! Thanks for sharing it with all the rest of us. I love peeking into your brain 😀


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